Carine Geoffrion

Self-taught artist, Carine Geoffrion lives and works in the Montérégie region. She began her young career during 2017 with an innate talent in her hands. Passionate about nature, her desire to perfect her artistic drawing leads her to work on animals as her main theme. Perfectionist, she accentuates her style towards hyperrealism by working her subject in the smallest details.

The idea of combining completely abstract backgrounds with her very realistic animal subjects was a revelation for her and led her to find her own artistic signature. Desiring to contrast strong lines with fine lines, imposing forms with delicate ones, precise and meticulous brushstrokes with intuitive movements, Carine creates works where the visual balance is formed between the controlled aspect of the animal subjects and the freedom of her colorful and textured backgrounds. This reminds her of the importance of letting go and trusting her instincts, as great beauty emerges from this balance.